William Graham

Key Information

Name:William Graham

DoB: August 19 1894
Regt: 16367 Corporal, Border 
DoD:  July 1 1916
Academic Career: CGS 1908-13
Biographical Information:

  • William was the 11th  child of 13 born to William Graham and Mary (née Gilbertson). William senior is listed as a labourer and a gamekeeper, so it seems likely that William junior was a scholarship pupil. The family lived in the Kingstown/Stanwix area from 1882 onwards. William and Mary had been married at Longtown in 1877 and their first two children were born there. Mary was born in Dumfries-shire and her family moved to Longtown when she was very young. Her mother died in 1881 which may explain the move to Stanwix. Her widowed father and siblings also moved to the Stanwix area. Both of William’s grandfathers had been agricultural labourers like his father