William Glaister Irving

Key Information

Name: William Glaister Irving
DoB:  April 6 1897
Navy: 3rd Mate Mercantile Marine
DoD: August 25 1917
Academic Career: CGS 1909-12 .
Biographical Information: Son of William & Isabella Irving, of Eden Street, Silloth

  • William Glaister Irving was the only son of William Irving and Elizabeth (née Glaister). He was born and brought up on Eden Street, Silloth. The Irving family roots were in Dumfriesshire. William’s grandfather, Andrew, had settled in Silloth with his wife Grace (née Telford) and their growing family soon after William’s father was born. Andrew and Grace married at Cummertrees in 1854, she was just eighteen, Andrew was described as Master of the Schooner “Carlisle”. Grace was used to large families as she was one of twelve children and she and Andrew had at least eleven children. William senior was their third son. He and his brother Matthew did not follow their father Andrew to sea but became grocers. Two of their brothers became local Harbour Masters at Silloth and Whitehaven and another brother was a Trinty House pilot. William Glaister in turn did not follow his father’s trade but followed in his grandfather Andrew’s footsteps by going to sea. Andrew and Grace’s home in Silloth is still known as the Sea Captain’s House. Andrew drowned in June 1902 whilst boarding his ship the “Jean Anderson” in Londonderry, the ladder broke, he was 73 years old. Grace retired to Dumfriesshire and died at Moniave.

    William Glaister had only one sister named Elizabeth. His maternal family, the Glaisters were far less numerous. His mother had only one sibling a sister. His maternal grandfather was a felt hat maker, originally from Cockermouth. Cockermouth was the local centre for hat making.