Edward Stanley Curwen

Key Information

Name: Edward Stanley Curwen
DoB: Jan. I, 1879 (according to the Carlisle Grammar School Memorial Register) or Jan 21 1879 (according to information from Queen’s).
Regt: Lance Corporal, 12/85, “A” Company, 12th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment.
DoD: July 1 , 1916. 
Academic Career: CGS 1891-8,  Queen’s Coll., Oxford, 1898; Thomas Exhib.; 3rd Class, Clas. Mod., 1900; B.A. (3rd Class English Lit.), 1902; M.A., 1910. 

Other:Asst. Master, Rotherham’ Gr. School.
Biographical Information:

  • Edward Stanley Curwen

    Edward Stanley Curwen

  • Theipval Stone

    Theipval Stone

  • Son of the Rev. Edward Hassell Curwen, D.C.L. Rector of Plumbland and Eleanor Maria Louise Curwen (nee Hill) of Kirkandrews, Carlisle. They had two children:

    •             Frances Edith Mackenzie Curwen (b. 1874)

    •             Edward Stanley Curwen (b. 1879)

    and lived at Plumbland Rectory.