Charles Bertram Dove

Key Information

Name: Charles Bertram Dove
DoB: July 6 1884.
Regt: Captain, Border Regiment.
DoD: 2 March 21 1918.
Academic Career:  CGS 1894-8
Other: Engineering on the L.N.W.E. Rancher in British Columbia, 1906.
Biographical Information:

  • Charles Bertram was the eldest child of John Charles Dove and Jane Anderson Wood. He had a younger brother George RM Dove and a sister Jane Margaret Dove. His father came from Walker, Northumberland and was a mechanical engineer. His mother was born at Maryport. The family was living at Lismore Place, Carlisle while Charles was at the Grammar School; by 1901 they were living ay 12, Howard Place, Rickergate in Carlisle. Brother George was clearly quite a sportsman. While at the Grammar School he claimed the record the 100 yards sprint; was on the Rugby team in 1899, 1900 -1902; the hockey team 1901-03; and the cricket team from 1900-1903 (and was captain in his last year).  He was awarded the senior challenge cup in 1903. Later he became an engineer and was married to Doris. In 1949 he travelled to Argentina. Sister Jane married a doctor, Fred Hughes.