Edgar Marsden Stewardson

Key Information

Name: Edgar Marsden Stewardson,

DoB: April 13, 1891,

Regt: Rifleman S/15955 Rifle Brigade.

DoD: Sept. 18, 1916.

Academic Career: CGS Jan 1905 – July, 1906. 

Biographical Information:

  • Edgar was the fourth of eight children born to John Stewardson and Margaret Marsden. In 1911 Edgar was an assistant laundry manager, father John ran the laundry. The family had humble origins: a story from the Ancestry website reveals that John was illegitimate, born to Maria Stewardson whilst in the Union Workhouse in Ulverston. The boy was then adopted by his maternal grandparents and took his mother’s name.

    Edgar’s older sister Amy died in childhood.

    Older brother John and his wife had a second son in 1917 whose middle name was Edgar, probably in memory of his brother, killed the year before.